King Mohammed VI at AU Summit: Massive Support Proof of Solid Bond Uniting Us
King Mohammed VI at AU Summit: Massive Support Proof of Solid Bond Uniting Us

King Mohammed VI said on Tuesday that the massive and outspoken support Morocco has received within the African Union (AU) “is proof of the solid bonds that unite us.”


“It is time to return home,” the Sovereign pointed out in a speech at the 28th African Union Summit going on now in Addis Ababa.


Expressing his joy and the joy of Morocco at returning home following such a long absence, King Mohammed VI added, “It is a good day when you can show your affection for your beloved home! Africa is my continent, and my home.”


The Sovereign noted that the reunion was a joyful one and that both he and his country had missed their African family.


Describing this as the reason for making the long journey back to the African Union and for wanting to address the AU member nations right away, ahead of the usual protocol, the King said:


“That is why, My Dear Brothers, Heads of State, I wanted to make this trip and to address you, without waiting for the protocol and legal procedure for the Kingdom to take its place again within the Organization to be finalized,” the Monarch underlined.


King Mohammed VI Morocco’s increasing prosperity and popularity among the members as the reasons for this monumental event arriving at such a perfect time.


“It is time to return home; at a time when the Kingdom is among the most developed African nations and, when a majority of Member States looks forward to our return, we have decided to join our family again,” King Mohammed vi pointed out, adding that the AU is “a family we had not really left.”


The Moroccan monarch pointed out the necessity for leaving the AU to comprehend its importance to Morocco and the importance of Morocco to the AU.


“It was necessary to withdraw from the OAU; it has enabled Morocco’s action to be refocused in Africa to show how indispensable Africa is to Morocco and how indispensable Morocco is to Africa,” the Sovereign noted.


The King wen to stress the indelibility of the bond that ties Morocco and Africa to each other, saying those ties were never really broken.


“In fact, despite having been absent from the AU institutions for so many years, our links, which have never been severed, have remained strong and African sister nations have always been able to rely on us,” King Mohammed VI said.

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