Iraqi forces: Part of Tikrit retaken
Iraqi forces: Part of Tikrit retaken

Iraqi military officials say they have recaptured part of the northern city of Tikrit, a stronghold of the Islamic State militants.
The Iraqi forces launched a large-scale operation on Monday to retake Tikrit, which has been under the militants’ control since June of last year.
About 20,000 troops, including militia members, are attacking from 3 different directions, supported by airstrikes.
The Iraqi government forces said on state-run television on Tuesday that the troops have brought under control parts of the northern and southeastern areas of the city, and that they are advancing into the city center.
The Islamic State group is using roadside bombs and rooftop snipers in an attempt to stop the advance.
The Iraqi government forces stress that their operation is going satisfactorily and as planned. But NHK’s correspondent says the militants will likely continue fighting fiercely to keep Tikrit. The militant group sees the city as an important strategic position in the defense of Mosul, their largest stronghold in Iraq.

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