Police: 22-year old Danish man was attacker
Police: 22-year old Danish man was attacker

Police in Denmark say the attacker in Saturday’s incidents is 22-year old Danish man who has a criminal record such as brutal force and illegal possession of weapons.

Police in Denmark are investigating the motives and background of the man they shot dead on Sunday morning. They are also investigating whether he had any accomplices.

They say he was responsible for 2 fatal shootings on Saturday in the capital, Copenhagen.

The first attack took place at a cafe during a freedom of speech event hosted by supporters of the controversial Swedish artist, Lars Vilks. In that attack, one man was killed and 3 police officers were injured.

Eight hours later, a shooting at a synagogue 3 kilometers from the cafe left one person dead and 2 other police officers injured.

About one and a half hours later, officers killed the man in Copenhagen when he started firing at them.

Police say the man carried 2 pistols and that later a police officer found an automatic rifle that was apparently used in Saturday’s incidents.

Investigators told a news conference that analysis of security camera footage led them to conclude that the same man was behind both attacks.

AFP news agency quotes local media as saying the man is suspected to have imitated last month’s terrorist incidents in Paris.

Vilks had received death threats from the Yemen-based militant group, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, for his 2007 caricature of the Prophet Mohammad.

The Danish government has been on high security alert, citing the possibility of terrorist attacks by Islamic militants.

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